The Erotic Art of Ancient Greece and Rome

Sex is everywhere in Greek and Roman art. Rarely does L.P. Hartley’s dictum that “the past is a foreign country” hold more firmly than in the area of sexuality in classical art. Erotic images and depictions of genitalia, the phallus in particular, were incredibly popular motifs across a wide range.

Khajuraho: The Sexiest Temples in India

The Khajuraho temple complex is a series of beautifully built and decorated buildings in Madhya Pradesh. Of the 85 temples originally built by the Chandela dynasty between 900 AD and 1130 AD, only 25 remain. Khajuraho has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage site and is highly worthy of tourist.

How cock rings can help you have better sex

If you’ve spent your days so far walking past the shelves with cock rings in sex toy stores, you’re adulting in all the wrong ways. So next time, circle back. Your penis will thank you (and so will your partner)! The magnificent benefits of cock rings Why use a cock.