First-Time Sex Swing Users: Is It Worth Using The Second Time?

A very large percentage of people have sex in the bedroom, behind a closed door, and, of course, on a bed or a couch. Rare experiments, boring locations, and all this is either from a lack of imagination, or from embarrassment. In order for your sex not to become boring and not enjoyable, it is important that you take care of its diversity. In this case, a great idea for changing the place of action would be a sex swing. Swing of love is a unique love attraction that can give a lot of new impressions and emotions. These are skillful designs, with the help of which you can come up with more than one love position, beat classic racks and spice up ordinary evening sex.

How to use sex swing

With this design, you will not only be able to come up with more and more new angles and placements for the love game, but also discover new erogenous zones and levers to achieve heavenly pleasure. Swings of love can have fastenings on the doors, and can have a full rack. Can be suspended and floor. Some might think that they are not safe, but this is a mistake! All manufacturers of these unique devices, when creating, first of all, focus on safety and comfort. You can be sure that the construction will withstand you, whether the belts are strong, whether the parts are reliable. All this is taken into account and worked out at the highest level! Buying such a device in our online store you get only high-quality and original product. Love swings are mainly made for use by women and couples. They are convenient to use but you should go through the guide about how to hang sex swing. By the way, if you don’t have a sex swing yet, you can go to to buy one.

Advantages of the Sex store when ordering sex goods

You can buy a sex swing in your country without leaving your home. If you really want such a piece of furniture, but you have no idea how to bring it home from the urban sex shop, and moreover, you are embarrassed by the interested views of the neighbors – it does not matter! Having ordered such furniture from us, you will receive the goods directly to the destination. Delivery of our online store works quickly, in the next day after placing the order you will receive the desired item! Prices in our online store are very nice; everyone can buy a love swing. And to determine the exact choice will help detailed specifications and descriptions of the goods, video instructions, reviews of other buyers and active users, as well as photos and expert opinions.

Love swing – the toy for the extra kick for two

Not only, but especially since the ’68 movement, the topic of sex is on everyone’s lips and even unthinkable things like a loveswing appear today as an accepted part of a healthy sex life.

The most beautiful trivial thing in the world is becoming more and more socially acceptable and inclinations and preferences that were previously known at most from relevant films under the shop counter are approaching bit by bit the social acceptance and the plunge into the mainstream. A particularly nice example of this development is the ever-increasing number of sex shops, who already propagate the fulfillment of their own sexual desires in the evening program and to this end offer an ever-increasing assortment of different sex toys. Since formerly wicked objects such as dildos and vibrators are on everyone’s lips, and thus hardly any more attaches to the reputation of the other, other toys take this place.

A very special among these “toys” is the love or sex swing . In contrast to the already mentioned toys, it serves not only a purpose, but can be used in many ways and incorporated into the prelude or the actual act.

What is a love swing?

A love swing, or Love Swing in English, initially sounds to the inexperienced viewer as a mixture of one of the well-known and with many children and adolescents “hanging chair “and a particularly bizarre variant of a gynecological chair, which was hung on the ceiling. On closer inspection, however, it turns out that the sex swing is much more a kind of ceiling hanging furniture that can be used in a variety of ways to enrich the sexual play . In addition to traditional swings, there are also luxurious love swings.

Rocking and sex – how does it work?

Put simply, Sex Swing usually serves one of the two sexual partners hanging, sitting, or lying down in it. The second, then most active partner, then has the opportunity to approach the person in the swing, depending on the position, role allocation and type of game in many different ways. Of course, there are no limits to imagination, experimentation and last but not least physical abilities. Although in most sales offers, sex counselors or porn movies, an active male outside the swing usually penetrates a swinging woman, this exceptional toy offers a variety of uses regardless of sexual orientation, gender and other factors.

Structure and essential components of a love swing

Although the origin of the love swing is presumably to be found somewhere in the range of completely free of sexual references hammock chair, it has today developed into a very own, clearly assigned to the sexual area, object.

Regardless of the type of love swing, have all type-independent features on:

  1. In order to be called a swing at all, it must of course be hung up and thus be able to swing. Similar to the hammock chairs already mentioned, all existing hinges or other suspensions converge at the top to an eyelet or hook over which the suspension is made. Most common will probably be the suspension on the ceiling. However, if this is unsuitable, the market today even offers a special love swing frame, where you can attach your love swing and safe and unrestricted use. Alternatively, there is also a love swing for the door.
  2. To be able to record a person sitting, lying down or otherwise hanging, the Sex Swing must of course also have suitable devices. Depending on the type and application, this may be a smaller or larger, fixed or flexible seating or lying surface. On the other hand, a design with belts that are universally modified and positioned at arbitrary parts of the body, allowing for a wide variety of positions, appears reduced and universal.
  3. Based on these two essential elements, the variations of the swing offer a wide variety of additions, which should once again bring additional comfort, other uses or, in short, an extra kick into the sex with the swing.

Variants of the love swing

Although each manufacturer certainly has many features or peculiarities on the way to the user’s bedroom, today there are three main types that can be identified by unique differences and characteristics:

Sitting sling

Probably the best known and most popular form of the love swing is probably the so-called Sitz-Sling. If you Google a love swing or one of its many synonyms, you usually get mostly different representations of this type.

Built up is the seat sling padded straps that serve to wear feet, thighs, buttocks or torso. Three such straps form the minimal version of the seat sling. In this form usually a belt under the buttocks or lower back carries the body, while the other straps carry the legs.