How Long Can You Wear a Chastity Device Before It Takes A Toll On Health?

Start wearing the best male chastity devicegradually: first for a few minutes, then an hour, then several hours the time of a game or a session before moving to one or more days and nights. It’s all about getting used to it and deciding whether it’s fun.

You will also check the absence or disappearance of cutaneous reactions (pimples, redness).For the majority, what counts is the control: if the cage is comfortable and causes no irritation, the cage must be able to wear it permanently.It is possible that the ring pinches you or causes you irritation due to friction at the very beginning, the fault of an adjustment concern, or the cutting of your clothes.

Some of the chastity cages for intense sex come with several rings and materials metals and silicone, like try them. Finally, moisturize your skin with a moisturizing and restorative milk or cream. You can visit this site to order the cage that you want.

When to release the cage?

Regarding sexual hygiene, the caged must take pleasure and ejaculate once or twice a week. Let him wink or masturbate if you do not want him to touch his sex. The wearing of the cage makes the penis hyper sensitive, ejaculation is instantaneous. The reason for this masturbation is to avoid prostatic hypertrophy or cancer. Moreover, if he is locked up too long, the sex irreversibly risk of soft bandage and to see its size decrease.

How to wash and maintain the cage?

The cage should be cleaned at least once a week with soap and water or disinfectant sextoy cleaner. Make daily slip hot water and soap in the cage to rinse your sex and avoid any problems with bacteria and unpleasant odors.

No need to remove the cage for washing, the majority has holes to pass the water jet shower head or washcloth. Difficult at first, with practice, it becomes much easier.

What is the pleasure of wearing a cage?

It is not a question of degrading the partner or of removing any access to pleasure; it is rather a contract of fidelity and love. Then the wearing of the cage produces a sensation of permanent pleasure to the cage, a link with his partner. It’s their secret and it reinforces their complicity.

In addition the caged can no longer sexually express his desire, so he will bring out otherwise, by more seduction and persuasion to be released more often. If he is exclusively active his sexual urges will decrease, it will be less macho and more pleasant to live on a daily basis.

When the other partner comes, he is less jealous, he finds himself with a more considerate companion, with a sexual appetite still strong and that retains all its energy. The wearing of the cage requires more dialogue, which strengthens the relationship.

Finally, here is what caged men feel after a period of confinement greater than a year:

  • Total Personality Change: Sweeter, Generous, Tolerant, Less Aggressive
  • Total acceptance of his caged situation.
  • Real pleasure to serve the partner, whatever his request.
  • They no longer feel the need to confront or argue with their partner.
  • They see the positive aspects of their partner and ignore their faults.
  • They feel the need to spend more time in bed with their partner
  • They love to respond to orders and requests having a sexual reward

The keyholder loves them and cares more about them than before, the links emotional are stronger

And the daily life of a caged, how is it going?

Some things change: you will need to urinate to avoid putting urine everywhere and wipe off the last drops with toilet paper or tissues or individual intimate wipes. Remember to have them permanently with you.

The morning erection will be uncomfortable and will wake you up in the morning. One solution, go urinate and go back to sleep. After a few days, the erections will be less strong, your body will adapt and the problem will be solved by itself. The adaptation will be easier if you choose a short cage that prevents any start of erection.

The wearing of the cage corresponds to an unacknowledged fantasy. The caged is erect and he feels his cage permanently because his fantasy has become real.After a few days, this excitement decrease, the wearing of the cage becomes normal and the cage avoids itself to have erotic thoughts. He masters himself.

A good cage is forgotten and can be worn everywhere, even at the beach. The cage gives the impression to some men that a hand caresses their sex and unites them with their partner permanently.

What chastity cages can I wear daily?

Looking for a cage to wear everyday or permanently, a model that you would be allowed to undo, much to your regret only a few times in the week?So opt for a cage rather light and which allows you an easy cleaning. Wearing the cage should remain a shared pleasure and not cause discomfort or health problems.

So a light and open model if possible or open enough to pass a cotton swab with baby cleansing milk. There aremodels that clean and dry quickly so you can shower without removing it or be cleaned after urinating.

So expert recommend the CB-6000 by CB-X and its shorter sister, the chastity cage CB-6000S for men with a small sex, both made of polycarbonate. They are light, unobtrusive under your pants and point down for a discreet port. These are the cock cages popular in London.

Among the metal models, distinguish the male sex cage Spiral Male and for small genders, the cage Bear Trap with its leash or for those who want a cage a little heavier, the model Chastity Cage with Cuff Open . These 3 fairly light models allow excellent hygiene, while keeping the little bird warm in his cage and tilted down. You can wear them permanently without any problem.

Uses of chastity cage

For beginners, embarrassment and shyness often leave bearer bitterness for the first time. It is preferable that for this learning, the man puts the cage himself. It could not be easier. The penis at rest takes place in it and a ring closes on the sex and behind the testicles. It remains only for the Mistress of the keys to close this sexual object and to take control of the wishes of his submissive. Once the padlock is closed, it enters its new functions and its chaste period. A period of habituation is always necessary for its port. To perfectly accept it, it must be used gradually. One day, then one day and one night etc so that the wearing of the chastity cage is pleasant. It is necessary to avoid pinching and burning on the skin.

The advantage of this type of sexual accessory is the possibility of cleaning. Even worn over long periods, the penis cage leaves all possibilities for intimate hygiene. Gills are provided to clean the sex daily. Always in place, just wash its attribute constrained inside and rinse with the shower head. It requires careful drying with a towel. The maximum duration of use in these hygienic conditions can be up to a week. Beyond that, the keyholder must open the cage for a complete cleaning. But nothing prevents him from replacing it after the toilet for a new week!