Anal Beads Risks and How You Can Prevent Them

Congratulations on your decision to buy a toy for anal sex! So, what are you going to buyif you are not sure yet, Expert will help you through a short guide for anal sex so you can find a bead that suits you perfectly and you learn how to use anal beads?

From anal balls to irrigation, we have everything so you can experience incredible anal play. This guide will explain all types of sex toys for anal sex.Regardless of the toy you choose, do not forget to add an anal lubricant to make the anal experience as comfortable as possible.

Anal balls

Are spheres arranged gradually and joined together by flexible material. Ideal for beginners, anal balls can be used for single anal stimulation during masturbation or sexual intercourse.

The first balls are small in size, then gradually rise to the base so that you enjoy the length and thickness while you are introducing them. To have a different orgasm, remove the balls just before orgasm.

Dildo anal

Normal dildos can be used for anal play but can often be considered too advanced for beginners. Anal dildos often have a special form that stimulates the prostate in men or the sensitive wall behind the vagina in women. They also have a slightly pointed shape for easy insertion. Try seeing dildo models in photo shoots and be encouraged to buy one.

Anal vibrators

They are perfect for those who have already experienced various forms of vibration on their bodies. Available in different shapes and colors, you will definitely find one that suits you. An anal vibrator offers fantastic penetration and ancestral feelings of sphinx rings, relaxing in the most intense orgasm.

Plug Anal (Butt Plug)

Usually when you think about anal sex toys, the first toy that comes to mind is the butt plug. Its simple design and unique stimulation make it the most favorite toy for anal sex both for beginners and veterans.

Butt plugs can be used to stretch the anus muscles before inserting something bigger, such as a penis or a big dildo. They can also be used for long-term stimulation, many people use a butt plug during their daily activities, and certainly purchases will be more exciting.

Irrigators and Enclosures

Because the experience of the anal game is as pleasant as it is necessary to have a special hygiene. Then investing in an irrigator becomes necessary.They help you insert water into the rectum to remove various residues, leaving it clean and ready for an anal sex session.

Butt Inflatable Plugs

Anatomical anal toys for the advanced Butt inflatable pockets can increase up to 5 times the original size, making them perfect for the extreme sex or for those who want to stretch the gaping effect.

Start by choosing a small inflatable butt plug, keeping in mind that its size can increase considerably, using a lot of anal lubricant insert it into the anus and inflate it gradually.

The prostate is a “hidden jewel” about 5 cm inside the male anus, which is waiting to be discovered and experienced. Using a prostate stimulator you can easily locate and stimulate this point reaching incredible orgasms. Many men have claimed orgasm only by stimulating the prostate.

Butt vibrating plows

With larger sizes than a regular butt plug, these anal sex toys are perfect for those who want to combine the sensation of an ankle vibrator with an anal butt plug. Its use is relatively easy, but it is not recommended to start the vibrations until it is fully inserted into the anus – making penetration easier.

Start with a smaller one in the top size, enter it and start it, the vibration sensations will push you to the limit.

Anal sex has become more and more attractive to modern couples. Although many people do not admit that they are attracted to this experience, because they are still considered perverse, intimacy certainly dreamed of experiencing this type of sexual act.

One of the biggest fears about anal sex is the pain it causes because the anus is a sensitive, slightly irritable area. However, many say that this experience deserves to be tested, because it produces pleasure much more intense than normal sex.

Here are some tricks and tips to keep in mind if you want to spice up your sex life and try anal sex without having to face the pain:

  1. Relaxing the muscles

One of the most important things you have to do to have a successful anal sex game is relaxing your muscles. So before penetration, try to relax your anus muscles with a sex toy.

  1. Do not forget about the enema

Before an anal sex game, it is important to clean the anus, so it is recommended to make an enema to avoid possible unpleasant incidents and to have perfect hygiene before penetration of the anus.

  1. A lubricant comprising

To avoid pain, especially in the first attempt, it is necessary to use as much lubricant as possible, so that the penis slip is as easy as possible. Water based lubricants are best for anal sex.

  1. Progressive penetration

Sudden penetration of the anus can cause severe pain, so sexual intercourse is progressive without sudden movements. You can even try to manually sphynch the sphincter to relax the muscles. After this step, penis insertion is easy and delicate, until total penetration.

  1. The right position

One of the most comfortable positions for anal sex is that of the missionary, in which you sit on the back with a pillow under the bottom and your partner on your knees, keeping your feet on your shoulders.

Tips to keep in mind

Unprotected anal sex presents the highest risk of HIV transmission, so it is very important to use a condom. If you want to get some great anal beads, you can go to Loveplugs and you’ll be very happy. Although theoretically there is no possibility of fecundation through anal sex, chances are that sperm may penetrate the rectal tract into the vaginal tract. 8% of people experiencing unprotected anal contact experience an unwanted pregnancy.