Testimonials - Fiumano Fine Art

This was an experience like nothing I ever lived before. I was surprised by the purity and elevation with which the erotic energy is used during the Art Therapies. This way of connecting sacredness with erotism was totally new for me, and I feel it healed many scars of my soul. Incredible journey into love, thank you!

– Paula M.

At that time all the tiredness accumulated in my body disappeared, dissolved and gave room to a profound state of bliss.

– Theresa P.

The emotions and pleasant sensations that came were incredible, leaving me somehow in a peaceful euphoria

– Andrea Cluthza

It took me some days to manage that amazing inner state I felt during the retreat. Somehow I changed, and my whole life changed with me. I feel filled with love.

– Deborah Smith

Words are not capable to transmit the many and ineffable experiences I lived during my stay in the Temple. I finally understand that Eros and Sacredness can and should be naturally united, and this changes everything in my life…

– Julia E.